Thursday, June 16, 2016

Starting with the Internet Environment

I simply thought of connecting my hobby linking my computer with the world.  I thought that the task was easy and I found out that it wasn't a joke to get started the right way.  It required a great deal of hard work to get started.  I know there is a starting point to make a great work.

When I started online, the first thing I did was to learn the Basics of the Internet Technology.   

Who are the people you'll meet in the Internet?

It is nice to know who are the Internet users and understand their purposes why they are online. You might encounter these people and deal with as you progress like I did. The Internet users are classified into:
  • Consumers/buyers (people who purchase products online);
  • Job seekers or business opportunity surfers (people who seek employment or business opportunity surfing online); lastly
  • Internet marketing entrepreneurs (people who create, post ads to promote their products and expand their business online.
From the above classification, in which are you in? I have been a consumer before and am still am one if I need to buy something I need. 

When should you start?

Everyone will agree that changes occur every second in ourselves, advancement in technology, environment and entirely whole world. There are some people who have read plenty of sites on how to make money online but has not started for whatever reasons they have.  Have no fear, this site will share the step-by-step guideline how to start the right way.

Would you still wait until tomorrow to start and learn?  With the tremendous changes that occur ever second, you probably will start immediately.

Where should you start?

Years back, we need to purchase a desktop and an Internet card to be online at home or office. Now, we can connect ourselves around the World anywhere we might be with a laptop, a notebook or even with my smart phone. Hi-Fi is almost everywhere.

Why should you start?

Would you like to be the last and be a member of the oldies?  I doubt if you would. Anyone would like to be with the trend or fashion.

Years back we have gone to the library to do our research work through the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  Today, you can easily to get the information you need with just a click on our desktop, laptop, notebook or smart phone with an Internet connection where ever we are.   The Internet was able to save more time to most of the people since shopping and bills payment now can be done online. 

How to get started?

For a new webby, getting started is the hardest part. It is easy said than done.  

With trillions of information available int the Internet from various networks of private and public individuals, academics, businesses, institutions, religions and governments around the world keep growing every seconds, you might confused and overload yourself where to start.

Learn the 4 simple disciplines before getting started:

-mind set (the way you think defines what you want in life);  
-focus (be objective and never destruct yourself with things you don’t need);
-educate (get educate yourself and focus on the areas where you need expertise), and;
-action (put more motion to what you want).

Surf for a good reason and take into consideration that time is very precious.    

Learn how the Search Engine works. Information are cluster and classified accordingly with "keywords."  Typing the key word on the Search Engine Box would enable you to have an access on the networks where information you need and want. Learn How Search on Google for better keyword search.

Learn more of the basics before getting started.