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Online Home Based Business Core: Pre-operational Guide to Set Up to Go Online

The concept to create, own, build and expand to earn from a legitimate revenue stream requires a lot of work, commitment, dedication, persistent, patience and time. There are some entrepreneurs who even invest money to speed up their velocity of earn solid income.  There are some serious people who invested their time, never spend a single dine and yet became successful online.   

The step-by-step tips on how go online to own a legitimate revenue stream and resources will be shared in this site for 100% FREE. 

If you are serious, then let's get started…

There are pre-operational guide you need to setup to start. Here are the things you need to set up to go online:

Equip yourself with a hardware with Basic Software and Internet connection. This can be a desktop computer / laptop / notebook pad/ smart phone. Make sure the hardware has Basic Softwares like Microsoft Software and/or Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Samsung Browser, Opera and others.  Make sure your hardware has an Internet connection.

Create an extra e-mail address other than your personal email address.  An extra-email address is needed when you start to earn money online.  You'll receive hundreds of "verification emails" from sites you'll sign-in or subscribe; "confirmation emails" from advertising host sites when you start your promotional campaign; private messages from you potential customers and lastly, use the extra-email address to sign-up with payment service providers.

You won't spend a single dine to have an extra-email address with email service providers like YahooGoogleHotmail or others.  

If you still do not have an extra-email address, sign-in with to a G-mail address for easy access to other Google's products and services.

If do you have any intention to build your own legitimate revenue stream, there is a blog which the author prepared. View Learn to Earn Money Online

Knowledge of the POWER OF THREE.  People tend to remember ideas, things and people when group in threes and sometimes named as the Power of Three.  For example, we call our alphabet ABC, the main interest of people are family, vocation (vocation/business) and themselves, we describe people with three adjectives like tall, dark and handsome. In creating a legitimate online revenue stream, you have to:

- create and build something great that people will like, use, relevant and help them learn to own, solve their problems and save money;

-share and let others look on what you have created, and;

-know how to get people buy or earn from you.     

Better understanding of what to address.   Basically, the chief purpose of all business is to fill in people’s needs. Experts in Internet marketing will advise you to conduct a research to find the need and fit yourself in.  You can identify the fruitful opportunities knowing your target market. You can find the need in five (5) ways:

-Knowing things you need, things you wanted, thing you can earn money from, thinks to satisfy your pride,  things that can satisfy your caution and what appeals to you will definitely give you a clue to what others also need, appeals and attracted to.  Most people are fundamentally alike.  What makes it differ is the degree of needs and interest.  An idea, an object, talent, expertise, new development, or anything can be a product or service as long as it can address the needs of people and not harmful.

-Conduct a survey to determine the need.  Start to ask the needs of your potential warm market (family, relatives and friends).

-Join the online forums like Have some knowledge on what other members asked and could not find the correct answer to their problems or situations they are in.

-Conduct a research for “keywords” with the use of the search engines like or to find what most people are looking for;

-Make good use of the trend.  A need of today was visualized yesterday and what is needed today may be an antique tomorrow.  Always update yourself with the popular topics through

People usually are looking for new ideas, would want to convert old ideas in a new form, new knowledge and new skills to make or do things better that will solve problems they are in now, save more and business ventures to earn money to attain financial freedom.

Know yourself better to fit yourself in with what most people are looking for.  Quite basic. It helps a lot to list down your interests, skills, expertise, technical know-how and things that make you excited, enjoy, like and you love doing repeatedly. Pick the best from the list. Determine whether what you wanted to do for a life-time period will also address the need of others.

Knowledge where to start.  Some people starts with affiliate marketing to learn how to market products of other merchants. They want to earn money whenever their referred personal customers made purchases from the e-commerce store they are affiliated to.  

In affiliate marketing, affiliate marketers create a blog; engage themselves in paid advertising method with the use of Pay-Per-Clicks or use free advertising in promoting the products or e-commerce they are associated to.  You are free and have the option to sign up as an affiliate marketer.  Take extra careful in choosing the site to sign up.  There are also sites that don’t pay. 

You will do the same things when start to create a legitimate income stream.  What makes it differ is you will be merchandise your ideas based from what you know best, be a known as "guru" on your expertise.

Knowledge what business tone to use

Tone use in writing reflects the attitude of the writer toward the reader just like one's tone of voice affects the listener. Tone or pitch is present in all communication activities and very vital if you want to relay your thoughts effectively.  

It is important that you have a specific objective when your write to steer the output towards the right direction. The specific purpose or reason defines the structure of a composition. In a narrative structural type, the writer narrates what has been experienced.  In an informative structural type, the writer relays new information,  developments or policies and new products.  In a query structural type, the writer would be  asking his reader whether they agree.  

Knowing the purpose of writing helps in the choice of words to be use and how the words get interpreted by readers while identifying the main idea that helps determine the outline of output.

If you are ready to get start in creating something great that people would like, read the operational step-by-step guide on how to start to own a legitimate revenue stream writing what you the know best. 

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